Discovering the Galician language with Enrico Passoni and “The White Blackbird’s Dream”

Enrico Passoni, translator and member of STRADE, tells us about this rare and fascinating language, the language of Agustín Fernández Paz, author of “The Dream of the White Blackbird”.


The birth of a White Blackbird is an exceptional event that heralds the arrival of an extraordinary and prosperous season. At least, this is what Gru, the Old Blackbird who guides the youngest to discover the gears that move the Wheel of Life, tells us. Among the newborns is Trottola, who grows up dreaming of one day giving birth to the legendary White Blackbird. But if she finds the courage to go beyond the boundaries of the Garden and explore the world beyond the wall, she will discover that the most authentic qualities have little to do with the colour of feathers…

A book that holds the most valuable lessons:

• The importance of passing on knowledge
• The respect for nature
• The value of diversity

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