Kaleidoscopio LAB is the new platform of MIMebù publishing house (Mimesis Group) dedicated to the books in the Kaleidoscopio series.

The ten titles that make up the series, presented as part of the YoLD (Youth Learning Diversity) project, won the 2020 edition for literary translations of Creative Europe, the European support programme for cultural and creative sectors with the aim of promoting and safeguarding linguistic and cultural diversity.

The languages of origin (Galician, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Portuguese and Norwegian) are not the most widespread in Europe and this choice was dictated by the desire to give voice to European countries and regions that are often overlooked.

The theme that ties the selected books together is diversity, approached from many angles: diversity of age, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, language, geographical origin, physical ability.

The name of the series originated from this keyword: the kaleidoscope, in fact, is an instrument that allows you to admire the changing and unpredictable patterns generated by the reflections of small coloured objects inside it. The result is images that are always new, surprising, different.

Kaleidoscopio LAB was born as an evolution of the traditional book catalogue and presents itself as an innovative virtual space of augmented reading, thanks to the possibility of enjoying additional contents that enrich the reading of the book. In this way, the reading experience does not end with the last pages of a volume, but is extended and enhanced through interviews with the author, quizzes, workshops, creative activities and much more.

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Our team

Martina Pellegrini

Editorial director of MIMebù, chooses the books in the catalogue and coordinates the editing of the texts

Lorenza Novelli

She is responsible for organising events and for MIMebù's Schools Project

Federica Caslotti

She manages MIMebù's press office. Handles book promotion through print and digital channels


Roberto Revello

Editorial director of Mimesis

Eugenio De Caro

Project manager of YoLD (Youth Learning Diversity) project for MIMebù

Laura Martinez

Responsible for the foreign rights of Mimesis and MIMebù, manages relations with translators