Kamil can do anything! Joanna Rusinek presents “The boy who sees with his fingers”.

What is the right way to treat disability? Kamil is a child like any other: he is a cheerful and lively five years old, he goes to kindergarten and loves to make silly pranks. But what makes him special? He has been blind since birth.
It was not easy growing up with a visual impairment, but with the help of his loved ones Kamil learned to sharpen his hearing, train his imagination and “see with his fingers”. His outlook on life is rich, ironic, sometimes funny, sometimes touching. But is he really so different from others? Kamil’s adventures, with his challenges and successes, remind us of one thing that we must never forget and that we all have in common: if we want to, we can succeed at anything!

A book about breaking barriers, because even a blind child can do anything

Click here to buy “The boy who sees with his fingers”, written by Tomasz Małkowski, illustrated by Joanna Rusinek, translated by Laura Rescio. 

This book is also available in digital format.

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