Line Baugstø

Line Baugstø, born in 1961, is an established Norwegian author and journalist. She made her literary debut in 1986, and has since published novels, short stories and a popular children’s book, receiving numerous prizes and awards. She worked several years as a freelance journalist for numerous newspapers. She has been a member of the artistic board of the Bjørnson Festival and chairman of the board of the Norwegian Writers’ Centre. Her writings about women’s lives in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s have earned her comparisons with Amalie Skram and Torborg Nedreaas, two giants of Norwegian fiction, famous for their pioneering focus on gender roles.The novel Dobbiamo essere leoni was awarded the Sparebanken Sør’s Children & YA Literary Prize in 2020.


For MIMebù’s Kaleidoscopio series, she has published:

Dobbiamo essere leoni