Sara Culeddu

Sara Culeddu

Sara Culeddu (1979) is Associate Professor of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, after years as a lecturer and researcher at the universities of Milan, Florence and at the Italian Institute of Germanic Studies in Rome, and after a PhD in Comparative Literature and Linguistic Studies at the University of Trento.

Since 2008, alongside her research activity, she has been working as a literary translator, collaborating with publishing houses such as Iperborea, Marsilio, Einaudi, Ponte alle Grazie, Piemme and others.

So far she has translated about twenty titles from the main Scandinavian languages: mainly Norwegian and Swedish, but also Danish. In addition to the translation of detective stories, she translates non-fiction and historical novels, as well as poetry and especially modern and contemporary classics. The novel Dobbiamo essere leoni is her first experience as a translator of children’s literature.


For MIMebù’s Kaleidoscopio series, she has translated:

Dobbiamo essere leoni