Trees never die: Laura Rescio recounts the world of Mirabella

Laura Rescio, translator of Mirabella. La storia raccontata da un albero, shares her experience with this book, written by Cezary Harasimowicz, illustrated by Marta Kurczewska.



Mr Friedman’s apartment building is gone, the Alfus brothers’ costume factory is gone, and little Dorka and her loved ones are also gone. All Mirabella’s loved ones are gone, and now she is left alone.
Mirabella is a plum tree grown in Warsaw: she has seen a war begin and end, two tyrants rise and fall. History, the one with a capital H, has passed under her branches and she tells us about it through her voice.
Because a tree is never truly dead if there is still a seed of it in the world ready to sprout.

The importance of memory in the words of an unusual narrator, capable of giving us a new perspective on history

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